Guide: How to buy the real driving license

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I don’t know if you have already heard that in Italy it is possible to buy the A, B, C, D license and several certificates.

Some licenses issued by them

Taking a look on the internet I find a site and I immediately get in touch with them to see if it is really true what is the license. Once I contacted them, they immediately replied telling me that the price is 700 euros and they need 2 photos and an ID card scan.

I paid the 700 euros by bank transfer and I emailed everything. I must say that the fact of the method that among other things the usual scammers want Postepay top-ups, but instead they only accept wire transfers, which to be honest, is a method recommended by banks because it is safe.

In about 9 days I will receive a call from Bartolini telling me that they have a package in my name. To tell the truth, I didn’t really believe in this history of online driving licenses. I have at the package, inside there was a DVD box with a license in a paper envelope. It was really the license to how I wanted it, that is, with the data I requested.

I called the Lecce driving school where I live to verify the authenticity of the license.

It seemed impossible but the license was really in my name.

His email is

By clicking here you can find some reviews of the service.

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